Organic cotton yarn from Turkey. The best organic cotton.

Well, it has been some time since my latest blog on this board. Let’s discuss the organic cotton yarn productions today.
I was very busy with several seminars across India, Turkey, and the USA for the local farmers regarding the benefits of organic farming.

Problems with the organic cotton quality for the Indian cotton are still the same. The GMO issue is also still a very big problem which I had mentioned shortly on my previous Big problems with Indian organic cotton! post.

During my visits, the huge yarn-spinning facilities in Turkey impressed me a lot. Turkish cotton (not the Eastern Turkish but the Aegean Turkish region) is one of the best in terms of staple length and color. But the spun yarns look even much better than I had thought.

So if you are looking for the highest possible quality for the organic cotton yarns, you should definitely take a look at the Turkish-Aegean region organic cotton yarn suppliers.

organic cotton yarn spin

Organic cotton yarn quality, what determines?

Well, The staple length is the main reason. It means the length of the fibers. The longer the fibers the better and stronger between the fibers while you spin them together. And you get a much stronger and much smooth surfaced yarn. Stronger and smoother yarn brings a lot of advantages in the dying process as well. It will surely be much easier to get brighter colors. The softness will also remain same.

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