Organic fabric & apparel factory Parko Textile from Turkey

As I had mentioned in my previous post about Organic cotton yarn from Turkey, I was in Turkey for the last few months. I managed to visit a lot of organic fabric factories there for several meetings and educational purposes for the workers. Honestly, the level of social accountability and professional approach to the business impressed me a lot.

Most of the factories were using the latest technologies for the spinning and knitting the organic fabric. I must confess that Turkish producers are the most expert ones in the organic cotton industry. Especially the company named Parko Organic Textiles really impressed me while I was at their place in Izmir. I managed to have a long conversation with the sales manager of the clothing department, Mr. Caglayan Par.

organic fabric from parkotex

Organic fabric from Parko Textiles

I was already aware of the huge quality difference between the Turkish organic cotton and the cheaper Indian organic cotton. However, i managed to see that Turkey has also very different qualities for the raw organic cotton. The eastern regions of the country have some organic cotton and I must say that the quality is more like the Indian cotton. The biggest problem is again the low dye absorbance of the material which will bring a lot of colour shades when you dye the material. The other quality is the Aegean region’s organic cotton. I must really say that this is the best possible organic raw cotton quality at the moment. And Mr. Par told me that most of this high-end organic cotton was being used by Parko Textile, thanks to their long-term contracted organic farmers in the region.

Parko Textile is using that organic cotton to spin their organic cotton yarns. And then they are using these yarns to knit and weave their very nice organic fabrics. He also told me that they were one of the leading companies in terms of organic cotton yarn and organic fabric trading. As a result,  Parko Textile is exporting their yarns and organic fabrics to all around the world.

The best part is that they are using the same quality for their ready-made garment (apparel) customers too. I saw a lot of very well known brands’ clothing styles in their factory and showroom. It seems that Parko Textile is the hidden source for all the high-quality garments for the big customers. Offcourse I will not mention the names of the brands here as Mr. Par told me that this information was a  confidential one.

My conclusion

Honestly, I would very much advise any retailers to check their company before deciding on their manufacturer. Yes, they are a little more expensive then their competitors in other countries but the quality difference is really noticeable and I personally believe that if you want to stay in the competition for the organic clothing market, quality is much more important than the price.(of course within a reasonable tolerance)

They also took me to their farms but this will be another story.

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