Big problems with Indian organic cotton!

As i had tried to explain in my previous post about fake organic cotton, it is really hard to trust people while you are trying to manage a multinational global business. Besides that, most of us only look for the best price. Price is mostly the number one factor that effects ouor choices for the manufacturer choosing decisions.India, Turkey, USA, Peru and Tanzania are the few leading organic cotton farmers in the world. Tanzanian(and the other African) organic cotton is cheap and fair traded however the quality is so poor to make any nice piece of clothing from that cotton. So this cotton is mostly used for towels and bathrobes, bedlinen etc.The second cheapest organic cotton is mostly coming from India. Again the dye absorbence of the cotton itself is not good enough however they are offering fair traded organic cotton which is very good for marketing to retailers. The dyed fabric quality will never be like Turkish or American organic cotton but it will always be easy to market the fair traded organic cotton to retailers. But few months ago a dramatic thing happened.Some (most) of the Indian farmers decided to make much more profit on their cotton and they used a special genetically modified cotton seed to plant. A normal cotton plant will be around 80 cm- 150 cm height from the ground. But Indian’s start to make cotton trees(!) from their genetically modified seeds. I have seen cotton plants at 4 meters height in India! Woww. This means you get 3 times more cotton from the same area! Cheaper cotton and still organic? Absolutely NOT. Certification companies like GOTS, Control Union and IMO realized this and they immediately banned all organic cotton from India and refused to give any organic certificate to any Indian cotton! They also started a back-investigation and several retailer shops’ certificates are announced to be invalid! I know hundreds of customers that are trying to send their organic(!) clothes back to India and trying to get their money back.Most of the big players of the market know this issue and they put on hold their sourcing from India for the organic cotton clothing. However the newbies are still chasing the cheapest price and they are unfortunately risking their trademark value!So as i had said in my post at  please try to stay away from Indian organic cotton for a few more years!

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    You seriously have such an interesting blog! I love it! Very insightful and interesting blog posts.. Great job! Please continue!

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